Solasta Chocolate Bar - 55% Dark Toasted Coconut
Solasta Chocolate Bar - 34% Milk Peanut Butter, Cookies & Sea Salt
Solasta Chocolate Bar - 55% Dark Maple Pecan & Sea Salt
Solasta Chocolate Bar - 41% Brown Butter & Toasted Hazelnuts
Solasta Chocolate Bar - 41% Honey Sponge, Toffee & Bee Pollen
Solasta Chocolate Bar - 34% Pistachio & Candied Orange Peel

Solasta Chocolate Bar

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  • 34% milk chocolate infused with creamy natural peanut butter and cookies, and topped with fleur de sel.

  • 41% Milk Chocolate Honey Sponge Toffee and Bee Pollen.  Sweet milk chocolate with crunchy bits of honey sponge toffee and topped with bee pollen granules.

  • 55% Dark Chocolate Maple Pecan and Sea Salt. 

    No sugar added Belgian 55% dark chocolate topped with maple caramelized pecans and a dash of sea salt.

    Note: Maltitol, is used in this chocolate bar, as a sugar substitute and may act as a laxative when consumed in large quantities.

  • Caramelized White Chocolate.  This exquisite white chocolate has a creamy texture with milky caramel flavour and salty notes.

  • Milk Chocolate Brown Butter & Hazelnuts.  41% sweet milk chocolate with strong cocoa flavour paired perfectly with the caramel taste of brown butter and toasted hazelnuts.

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